1. Whisky

From the recording The Days of Convenience

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Whisky take this sadness, wash away this madness
Whisky take these melancholy blues away
And I’ll tell you what I think
You just supply the drink
We’ll find a quiet room, just pour the night away

Whisky I’m not angry, I’m not sore
But there’s feelings inside that just don’t work anymore
I tried to warn them, but they came round anyway
But whisky you’re my friend, right?
You’ll stay with me all night
Appearing on this little stage, with an old guitar and me

They all swore at me, storm out the door
One of many, will there be any more
This man they see, this actor, this fraud
A chameleon, a man made of straw

Whisky I’m ok now
Got through the night again without a doubt
Well, maybe just another little scar and that big, dark cloud above

See you next time
See you next time
See you next time

© songsarefiction/EastOak Media group
words and music JCJ